Discovery Multi Academy Trust

Local Advisory Boards

Each of our academies has a Local Advisory Board (LAB). The LABs have a single focus on school improvement in their local setting. They monitor, challenge and support their academy. They represent the views and experiences of pupils, staff and families. Discovery MAT LAB Members are made up as follows:
Beechwood Primary Academy 
Lisa Evans (Head of School)
Graeme Kirkup (Chair)
Marta Czleny 
Matt Geoffery 
Tracy Marker 
Jackie Daw
Weston Mill Community Primary Academy
Rachel Dinnis (Head of School)
Alison Buckle (Chair)
Laura George
Michelle Hobbs 
Amy Young
Sharyn Seaman
Julia Down
Oakwood Primary Academy
Jackie Sparrow (Head of School)
Carol Lant (Chair)
Lisa Darcy 
Kay Wilkins
Julie Collier 
Donna Pearson